Hart of Ten Medieval Leather Hunting Quiver

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The king of all the wild animals was the deer, and more precisely the hart, which is an adult male of the red deer. The hart was classified by the number of tines, or points, on its antlers. An animal should have at least ten tines to be considered worthy of hunting; this was referred to as a "hart of ten.  Hunting "by bow and stable" had less prestige than hunting par force, but could produce greater results. The quarry, often a whole herd, would be driven by hounds to a predetermined place. Here archers would be ready to kill the animals with bow and arrow. With bows at the ready they would draw an arrow from their quiver where they housed several and make their kill.  The quivers they used were handmade and often made of leather.  The Hart of Ten Medieval Leather Hunting Quiver is constructed solely out of leather except for the steel buckle on the adjustable leather strap. This piece is hand stitched with a black leather lace.  X patterns adorn the top with four arrow points on the side of this Tudor Style quiver.  Strap this quiver to your back with a fresh set of arrows and bring home the bacon.

Overall Length: 23.63 Inches
Opening Circumference: 12.56 Inches
Bottom Circumference: 2.75 Inches
Material: Leather
Includes: Adjustable Shoulder Strap with Buckle

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