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Handmade Spanish Main Leather Bull Whip

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The bullwhip was introduced to the United States by the Spanish Vaqueros. The vaqueros where the original cowboys. The bullwhip was designed expressly for driving cattle. As such it was designed to be a long whip because it was generally used on horseback so length was needed to get close enough to the cattle to have the desired effect while still keeping the Cowboy and his horse safe. The Handmade Spanish Main Leather Bull Whip has smooth plaiting with decorative brass studs.  Just below the wrist lock a steel butt cap is featured.  This bullwhip consists of a handle section, a thong, a fall, and a cracker. Whether you are driving cattle or dressing up as your favorite action character of all time the Handmade Spanish Main Leather Bull Whip is the whip for you.

Overall Length: 9 ft
Material: Leather, Steel Buttcap, and Decorative Brass Studs

100% Genuine Leather
Decorative Brass Studs