Handmade Nightly Seduction Leather Adult Flogger

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A flogger is a sex toy that is often used to inflict pain/pleasure upon a sex partner. It is operated in a swift motion where the flexible ends slap the receiving partner releasing endorphins to the brain. This suede toy offers excitement for both the giver and receiver. The Handmade Nightly Seduction Leather Adult Flogger comes equipped with a wrist strap, handle, and 6 tresses. The wooden handle is covered by weaved black and teal suede that is adhered with decorative studs.  6 thick long teal and black tresses adorn the bottom. This lovely flogger will tease, tantalize, and punish your partner pushing them of the edge of ecstasy.

Overall Length: 25.75 Inches
Handle Length: 9.50 Inches
Handle Width: 1.25 Inch
Wrist Strap Length: 6 Inches
Tresses Length: 16.50 Inches
Material: Suede Leather

Color: Teal and Black
Decorative Steel Studs
Braided Pattern
6 Tresses

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