Handmade Natural Horn Round Feasting Plate Dinnerware

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Serve your meals in style with this beautiful dinner plate made from 100% all natural ethically-sourced buffalo horn. The wonderful thing about natural horn is that it is solid and sturdy enough to hold a full plate, while also varying in color so no 2 plates are exactly the same. This plate is perfect for holding snacks or small servings. Bring along to use at the festival or make an impression at your next dinner party.


*Please do not microwave or put hot foods on this plate. Cold foods only. Do not put in the dishwasher. Please wash with gentle detergent and polish with vegetable oil from time to time to keep natural product from drying and cracking.


Handmade from 100% Natural Buffalo Horn
Diameter: Approximately 7 inches
Circumference: Approximately 22 inches
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