Handmade Leather Farmers Weave Viking Belt Black

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The Vikings loved patterned clothing and actually they loved patterned everything. Look at their culture, patterns and symbols are everywhere. Take a look at their ships, weapons, and jewelry; these pieces are ornate so it would not be a stretch to say that so were their belts. From what we know from excavations the men's belts were made from leather and were usually long and narrow. Men wore tunics and trousers. Their clothes were fastened with belts and brooches. This belt is made from quality leather and has been dyed black; all hand stitched with a steel ring to knot your belt. The end that hangs features a Viking weave design. Hanging from a belt like this you could often find a drinking horn, seax dagger, belt pouch, and other everyday items. If you are trying to complete a costume for a re-enactment, this belt would look great against an everyday tunic.

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