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Handmade Leather Arena of Death Bracer Set

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Ancient Romes most notorious form of entertainment was the Gladiator Games. People watched armed and highly trained warriors engage in a blood-soaked spectacle equal parts sport, theater, and cold-blooded murder. Not all gladiators were slaves or prisoners of warrior.  Many were free men looking to prove themselves. They were similar to our modern day sports icons.  They would gain prizes, fame, and women.  The Handmade Leather Arena of Death Bracer Set would be much the same as the decorative armor these famed entertainers would have worn.  They are constructed of thick high quality leather.  They are perfect for a re-enactment costume or if you are engaging in some light training or sparing. The three piece chevron design has been layered adhered together with brass studs. Brass rivets line the sides with a nylon lace so you can adjust to the perfect size for you. Get this stylish set of bracers fit for a warrior so that children may played with your action figures made of clay or hang your portrait on the walls of a public venue.

Total Length: 9.75 Inches
Total Width: 10.50 Inches
Material: Genuine Leather with Brass Rivets
Color: Black
Fitment: One Size Fits Most with Adjustable Nylon String

Ideal for Use at LARP Events, Renaissance Fairs, Stage Productions, and More
Handcrafted for Superior Quality and Detail
Sold as a pair
Suits Many Time Periods
Great for LARP, SCA, and Theater