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Handcrafted Manly Ritual Leather Strop

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Stropping is important to a straight razor because the razor will have a jagged row of teeth if you looked at it under a microscope. These "teeth" are somewhat smaller than an individual beard hair. When you shave, the beard hair is so strong relative to the edge of the blade that they actually bend / throw the teeth out of alignment, creating an imperfect edge. This damaged edge is still able to cut hair, but if far, far less effective. Stropping on leather straightens the teeth so that your cutting edge is returned. The strop here is constructed of a soft suede leather in the middle and smooth leather on the ends.  There is a movable hook on the end so you can rotate and secure your strop. The smooth side is usually used for your daily stropping, and the rough side can be treated and used to touch up a razor that is starting to dull a tad. This handmade strop is a beauty and a must if you shave with a straight razor.

Overall Length: 23 Inches
Overall Width: 2 inches
Material: Leather
Includes: Metal Hook

100% Genuine Leather Strap
Metal Hook Included