Handcrafted English Long Bow Horn Nocks

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English longbows were devastating weapons on the medieval battlefield and more than any other weapon of its time was responsible for vast changes in the nature of medieval warfare. The English Longbow is a self-bow made of a single piece of wood, usually yew.  At the ends of the bow you would commonly find nocks made of various materials such as horn.  The set of nocks before you are hand crafted out of horn and polished to a smooth finish with a shine. These nocks are provided with string grooves. They are the perfect way to add some artistry and tradition to your English style longbows.

Overall Length:  2-3 Inches
Large Nock Hole: 14.81mm
Small Nock Hole: 14.70mm
Material: Horn
Species: Bovine

Polished Finish
2 Piece Set
String Grooves
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