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Hand Carved Shade Tobacco Pocket Pipe

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Pipe smoking is the oldest form of tobacco smoking there is.  Often after a lavish party or dinner the men would retire to have a brandy, smoke, and good conversation in the parlor. Why not bring back this old tradition with your own smoking room. A place made just for you where you can relax and enjoy a good smoke with perhaps the Hand Carved Shade Tobacco Pocket Pipe. This pipe has been hand carved with intricate details such as tobacco flowers that you can see featured on the shank and bowl.  Small enough to fit right in your pocket or smoking jacket because we know every distinguished gentleman needs a smoking jacket. If the thrill of a good smoke wont get you the rich dark hue of this amazing piece with a hint of the wood grain showing through definitely will.

Overall Length: 5 Inches
Overall Width: .75 Inch
Material: Wood
Bowl Diameter: .68 Inch

Hand Carved
Floral Design