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Hanbojutsu Hardwood Kuriyama Short Staff

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The hanbo is a staff used in martial arts that actually means half-staff and hanbjutsu is the art of wielding the hanbo. The hanb can be held toward one end, and be swung like a katana or kendo sword. Additionally, it can be held in the middle like a staff and strike and block from either end.
Legend suggests that during a battle between Kuriyama Ukon and General Suzuki Tangonokami Katsuhisa, Kuriyama was armed with a spear and katana.  During the battle, Suzuki cut Kuriyamas spear in half, but Kuriyama was able to continue to fight and overcame Suzuki with the spear handle or hanbo.
The Hanbojutsu Hardwood Kuriyama Short Staff is constructed of a solid piece of hardwood that has been sealed and protected with a polyurethane clear coat. This hando comes 1.16 inch thick for years of practice and training in the art of hanbojutsu.

Overall Length: 26 Inches
Diameter: 1.16 Inch
Material: Hardwood
Finish: Polyurethane Clear Coat

Polyurethane Clear Coat