Great White Serpent Decorative Traditional Japanese Katana Sword

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This exquisite decorative sword is the perfect addition to your samurai collection. The carbon steel blade comes with a factory edge and etched hamon in a gunome design. The guard is shaped in traditional rectangular style with oriental dragons featured throughout, made from zinc with a shiny gold finish. The long handle is wrapped in white rayon with a traditional Tsumami-Maki style and topped with a gold toned pommel featuring a similar serpent dragon design. The saya is made from sturdy wood and features an eggshell finish and gold-toned kojiri and koiguchi that depicts two samurai ready to engage in battle, as well as other breathtaking oriental designs. The simple yet elegant style of this katana makes it befitting for royalty. This sword is one heck of a beauty for sure, and it can be all yours. Overall Length: 37 inches, Blade Length: 26 inches

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