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Fully Functional Sugarloaf Steel Helmet

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Our Fully Functional Sugarloaf Steel Helmet is one of the finer and exquisite of helmets on the market. Made of 16g steel with a lightweight construction, full face mask, and a soft interior leather liner this helmet is memorable five times to one. Being made with a solid construction and an antiqued finish this helmet is perfect for training, re-enactments, or tournaments. The breathing cut outs in the face guard make it easy for warriors to stay cool during intense battles and the slender eye cutouts make it harder for arrows and archers to bring harm to any part of a warriors head. The Germans did not go wrong when considering this helmet and its complete design.

Material: Steel
Height: 13 in.
Diameter: 13 in.
Eye Hole Width: 3.5 in.
Eye Hole Height: 1 in.
Interior Leather Strap Length: 10.8 in.