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Frankly Its Perfect Heavy Duty Forged Axe

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The Francisca styled axe head is traditionally a throwing axe but our Frankly Perfect Heavy Duty Forged Axe is better used in the great outdoors while camping. Whether youre hunting, hiking, fishing, working on the farm or a survivalist thats bugging out, this axe has the best features you could ask for. Its head is hand forged, supremely strong and rust resistant with a sharp edge that can be honed to your personal preference. A solid wood handle is strong and beautiful and provides a great grip for all your chopping or throwing needs. A replaceable wooden wedge is placed at the center of the eye to tighten the head into place after wear and tear loosens it, hammer it back down into place or replace the wedge depending on how much wear its seen over time.

Overall Length: 15 Inches
Grip/Handle: Solid Hardwood
Blade Thickness: 1 Inch at widest Point
Butt (Hammer) Thickness: 1.5 Inches
Axe Material: High Carbon Stainless Steel
Axe Head Shape: Francisca