Foxy Lady Genuine Leather Collar

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Our Foxy Lady Genuine Leather Collar is a divine supple brown leather cinch or short corset style collar that comes to a V point that directs the eyes right to your cleavage. Fastened with a brass and black leather piece is an O-ring for a leash or chain. It is tied with a black genuine leather strand that is laced through two brass reinforced holes in the back. Because it laces it can fit many sizes and can be laced in more than one style and tied in a bow or knot for style and security. A neck corset is a type of posture collar. It is a corset-like device designed for the neck instead of the waist, but usually it is not used to compress the neck in the way that a normal corset compresses the waist, except in breathplay. Ours is only two inches high so it is not an extreme posture training collar but more for mild training and high fashion. If youre into the steam punk style, people across social layers can now be seen wearing casual collars, purely for fashion; or if youre into BDSM take this beautiful neck wear in the bedroom for some Dom/sub play!

Overall Length: 14 Inches
Fastener Length: Approximately 18
Overall Width: 4 Inches
Neck Width: 2 Inches
Material: Genuine Leather
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