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Forge Troll Cross of Protection Amulet

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In Sweden, as well as Norway, a trollkors or troll cross is a bent piece of iron worn as an amulet to ward off malevolent magic or specifically trolls and elves. The troll cross is an amulet made of a circle of iron crossed at the bottom in a shape of an odal rune and worn by Scandinavian people.  This troll cross is made of forged iron steel with a spiral top making it simple yet elegant.  Add a leather necklace and you will have the power you need to protect yourself from Uggly Trolls.

Overall Length: 2.62 Inches
Overall Width: 1.75 Inches
Material: Forged Iron Steel
Bezel Diameter: 4.60 mm

Hand Forged
Twisted Troll Cross Design