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Fixed Blade Military Armed Conflict Knife

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Armed Conflict is generally characterized by extreme collective aggression, destruction, and usually results in a high mortality rate.  In short armed conflict is war. When engaging in combat besides extensive training good equipment is key in survival.  The Fixed Blade Military Armed Conflict Knife has a solid construction that will do just the job.  The blade comes in a drop point style with a satin finish and thick.  This blade comes to a whopping 5 mm in thickness.  With a blade this sturdy it can also be used for camping, hunting, or any other outdoor activities. Tasks such as cutting small branches, wire, rope, whatever is needed. The handle is textured for a good firm hold and made from rubberized ABS making a non-slip surface so it can be used in all types of weather conditions.  The pommel features a lanyard hole to strap this beauty to your pack.  And if that isnt the best way to transport this blade with you there are several eyelets and slits on the sheath to tie or strap the sheath onto your thigh or a nylon belt. Included is a hard sheath to house your blade in.


Overall Length: 10.75 Inches
Blade Length:  6 Inches
Blade Width: 1.25 Inches
Blade Thickness: 5 mm
Blade Finish: Satin Finish
Blade Type: Drop Point
Handle Length: 4.75 Inches
Handle Material:  Textured Rubberized ABS
Guard Length: 1.5 Inches
Includes:  ABS/Nylon Sheath with Beltloop