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Fireworks Fly Celebratory Medieval Drinking Horn with Holster

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In medieval England, fireworks experts were known as firemasters. Take a moment to appreciate them with the Fireworks Fly Celebratory Medieval Horn; it's perfect for celebrating at your next New Year's Party. Given a beautiful pink and green starburst design, this functional drinking horn is sure to be the life of the party. This horn comes equipped with a leather holster accessory, so you can carry your horn anywhere hands-free. By the time of the Renaissance, pyrotechnic schools were training fireworks artists across Europe, particularly in Italy, which became famous for its elaborate and colorful displays. It was the Italians who in the 1830s became the first to incorporate trace amounts of metals and other additives, creating the bright, multihued sparks and sunbursts seen in contemporary fireworks shows. Horn Height: 13 - 17 Inches, Horn Width: 2.5 - 5 Inches, Estimated Capacity: 12-20 oz

*Please wash with a gentle detergent and polish with vegetable oil to keep it from drying out. And from time to time you will want to use beeswax to coat the inside to keep from cracking and the inside drying out.