Fantasy Movie Foam Replica Elven Dagger Sword

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This Elven sword has seen many quests throughout its years in existence. Many fear it and others come to depend on it. Though just a dagger by the standard of elves, it made a perfect short sword for a Hobbit, although it was still rather small, it was initially chosen to wear "inside a pair of breeches. So that one would be able to travel and even run without any apparent inconvenience. In the movies, this sword is famous for the blue glow it emits whenever Orcs or goblins are near, alerting the wielder to potential danger. This short sword is constructed of durable polyurethane foam with a 10mm inner core. The silver blade features elven runes on both sides a well as the guard. A golden spiral design runs the length of the handle. This piece will complete any costume with style whether elven or hobbit. Overall Length: 28 Inches

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