Elven Made Foam LARP Costume Cosplay Replica Movie Sword

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This sword is greatly inspired by the sword made for Aragorn from the remnants of the legendary great sword, Narsil. The 42” replica foam sword is constructed from durable polyurethane foam and has a 10 mm inner core, so it can withstand play fighting while retaining its shape. The handle features a ribbed design with a black finish, and is surrounded by a pewter-painted pommel and cross guard. Overall Length: 42 inches, Blade Length: 32 inches

The blade reads:


"Anar. Nányë Andúril I né Narsil i macil Elendilo. Lercuvantan i móli Mordórëo. Isil.”


Which roughly translates to:


"Sun. I am Andúril who was once Narsil, sword of Elendil. The slaves of Mordor shall flee from me. Moon."

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