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Fantasy Blood Warrior Sword Day Walker Blade

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This is a genuine vampire masterpiece in a full stainless steel form. Unique characteristics of the mirror polished blade include the double sided, factory edge. The rigid blade is 5.2mm thick and can be professionally sharpened. The full aluminum handle is a single solid piece with a ringed ridge grip, as the second unique trait.

Additionally, this sword includes a genuine wooden scabbard. It is fully wrapped in black with polished metal rings. Unique characteristic #3: flat back support with thick nylon straps. The 6 inch wide back support is hard with a foam padded back to ensure comfort. This sword can be placed on the back with arms through the straps to support it. A center strap goes across the front.

Overall Length: 35 Inches. Blade Length: 27 Inches. Blade Thickness: 5.2mm. Blade Material: Stainless Steel, Mirror Polished. Blade: Double Sided, Factory Edge. Handle: 7 Inches, Full Aluminum Alloy. Scabbard: 28.75 Inches, Hardwood, Fully Wrapped. Features: Back Strap, Back Support.