Electric Fault Balisong Clip Point Butterfly Knife Flipper

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A jolting humming buzz engulfs your hand for a moment. Was it the shock that made you blink or is the blade just too fast for you to see? The Electric Fault Butterfly Knife has stunning blue handles with different sized holes through it showing off the silver frames. The light reflecting off of the silver and onto the blue in the holes looks a gorgeous rich purple. The blade is in a clip point style constructed of stainless steel which is durable and won’t rust so the longevity of this knife is assured (or you can upgrade to a damascus steel blade!). The aluminum handles won’t fall behind either in terms of durability. The Electric Fault Butterfly Knife comes equipped with a lock connected to the base of the left handle. Simply close the knife and slide the lock into the right handle and the knife will stay closed. Overall Length: 9 Inches, Blade Length: 4.75 Inches


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