Double Pen Stand with Clock Wood

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This executive desk accessory comes with 2 pens that sit in a steamed Beech wood stand that is collapsible. If the front sits a removable clock with quartz movement and a Roman numeral face. To set the time pull the clocks face out of the wooden stand. Pull out the clocks crown or button and set your time and push it back in to activate. Both retractable pens contain blue ink and offers smooth lines and intense color. Each pen has a convenient clip so you can take them with you in your shirt or on a binder when you are on the go.
Overall length is 7 inches.



Please note that due to the amount of time it takes to import these products, the battery that is included may not be operational. To replace the battery or change the time, remove the two pens and pop the clock out of the stand using a tool (do not use the pens to remove clock!). Take off the white backing and replace battery. a small knob located on the side can be turned to manipulate the clock's hands.

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