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Death Worship Sling Blade Throwing Axe

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The related term death worship has most often been used as a derogatory term to accuse certain groups of morally abhorrent practices which set no value on human life such as human sacrifice.  Yes, this world is often a terrifying and creepy place.  There are about 5 scorpions known throughout the world that can kill a human in mere minutes just like the Death Worship Sling Blade Throwing Axe.  This bad boy is action packed to the fullest.  You can throw it, hit or slice with it, and you can even stab with it.  This awesome blade has a spike on the head as well as the end of the handle.  A faux leather wrap adorns the handle for comfort while using for long periods of time.  The entire piece is constructed from a single piece of stainless steel and features a deadly scorpion design on both sides of the blade.  This is because we all know how badass scorpions are.  Use the Death Worship Sling Blade Throwing Axe for training or practice.  Whatever the purpose this blade is a must have and it comes with a faux leather sheath with belt loop.

Overall Length: 11 Inches
Blade Length: 4.25 Inches
Head Width: 5.16 Inches
Thickness: 3.25 mm

Full Tang Construction
Includes Faux Leather Sheath