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Death Blow Double Edged Automatic OTF Knife

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If you are looking for a rugged and durable knife that can handle the pressure in emergency situations then this knife is for you. The spear point style blade is double edged with a two tone finish that pops against the blade.  If you are looking for a knife that is a good balance between piercing and slicing then this blade is a great choice. This automatic deploys smoothly and retracts with a push of the slider making it easy to handle.  Speaking of handle, it has a non-slip texture, good weight to it, and is constructed with a tough zinc aluminum casing. This superb knife comes equipped with a solid stainless steel belt/ pocket clip making this knife easy to carry. But Wait! Im not finished yet. As if you werent already impressed this knife comes standard with a glass breaker in rescue situations. Overall Length: 8.50 Inches, Blade Length:  3.25 Inches