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Dark Vampire Arcana 20g Fantasy Helmet

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Strike fear into those who would dare cross you.  The moment you step out on the battlefield gaze out at the crowd.  Mask your identity with the Dark Vampire Arcana 20g Fantasy Helmet.  No one needs to know why you are there or who you are there for.  Own your character and become the Dark Vampire plus the movable jaw and fangs help.  This helmet comes with a Riveted High-Quality and adjustable Suede Leather Liner with Chinstrap and authentic Buckle. There are cutouts for eyes and nose. Constructed of 20g mild steel this fantasy helmet is a must have to complete your costume.

Overall Length: 11 Inches
Overall Width: 8.50 Inches
Circumference: 26.77
Material: 20g Steel, Suede Liner, Leather Chin Strap