Damascus Steel Silent Highwayman Butterfly Knife

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The main reason for the popularity of the Balisong knife is its blinding speed in opening. A Butterfly Knife is carried in the folded position. In this position each side of the hollow hilt, which splits laterally down the center, is pivoted around the base of the blade so that it covers the blade. A clasp is extended from one half of the hilt to lock the other half and keep the knife closed. This blade however is made from Damascus steel that has 176 blade layers and is tempered around 54 to 55.  The pattern on the blade is a twist pattern that features swirls and of course twists. A handsome rainbow finish matches the upper portion of both handles while the frames are made from stainless steel. All mounts are made from ABS in a green marble style with black wisps.  Although tricks can seemingly be complicated, the entire procedure can be accomplished by a skilled master in the blink of an eye.Overall Length: 8.75 Inches.
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