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Damascus Lever Lock Death Toll Auto Knife

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The fire forged blade has been created from what is called Damascus steel.  This Damascus steel is made from 1095/15n20 alloy steel.  It comes with a Rockwell rating of 54 to 55 with 176 blade layers. The pattern here mimics the swirls and ripples of flowing water that is known as Random.  All types of patterns can be made by skilled Bladesmiths and Cutlers. It is absolutely amazing what they can do with different metals.  It is art pure and simple.  The handle here consists of just two materials. The metalwork on the handle is brass with bone mounts that have been stained a rich pecan. To add even more of an artistic element you will notice on the spine there is intricate file work.  It just gives this piece a little something extra.  Oh! I almost forgot the automatic function.  Deploy the blade in one quick motion by pressing the lever down.   This knife will not disappoint.Overall Length: 9 Inches.