Creator of Mischief Black Lock Pick Pocket Tool

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Picking locks is pretty cool. Let’s be honest, we all tried to learn how to do it middle school because we thought it was the type of skill that would impress our crushes. Be it that the technique was too difficult to learn or that lock picks are hard to get a hold of at 13 years old, now things are different. Now, we are older and have money and ‘well, what if…’ reasons for getting a lock pick set and learning how to pick locks decades after our first attempt. Now, we also have the Creator of Mischief Black Lock Pick Pocket Tool so you can take a crack at it again because, you know, what if you leave your keys somewhere and need to get into your house? It’s a legitimate concern.

The Creator of Mischief Black Lock Pick Pocket Tool is a handheld lock pick tool that holds 6 lockpicking tools inside. The handle is composed of fiberglass which offers suitable strength while making the tool nearly weightless so if you decide to use the keyring the tool comes with and keep this tool on your keychain the added weight will be negligible. Opening the tool may take a few minutes of practice, however it is very easy once you get the hang of it. All you have to do is lift out the front L-shaped piece and grasp it with two fingers. Then, use your thumb on the opposite hand to press down on the base of the L-shaped piece. While pressing, pull the metal piece out of the handle. Once pulled out that piece is the tension wrench. The other picks can be released by turning the screw on the side to loosen it, tightening the screw will lock the picks in place. The picks included are the half diamond, both steep and shallow angles, half round, snake rake, and short hook picks. The Creator of Mischief Black Lock Pick Pocket Tool will be a useful asset to your collection of tools no doubt. Overall Length: 3.5 Inches. Weight: 0.05 lbs.

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