Chronicles Wooden Cosplay Shulks Monoda Energy Blade

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Monado is a powerful energy blade that can manipulate the ether around it, and by doing so, change the material and immaterial shape of the world. One's ability to control the Monado depends on the strength of will of its user. Shulk dedicated his entire life to solving the secrets of the Monado and thus is not only able to wield the blade without problems, but also able to unlock its great power. This glossy red master piece will definitely delight fans for hours of enjoyment.  It is made from sheesham that has been cut and sanded to replicate Monado in every way.   White accents represent the cyclone light when used and really makes the red pop. Use Monado to finish off a costume for a convention or cosplay, trust me you will be happy you did.

Overall Length: 39.50 Inches
Overall Width: 8.25 Inches
Thickness: 7.69 mm
Large Cutout Diameter: 5.50 Inches
Material: Wooden, Sheesham

Glossy Red Finish
Hand Painted
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