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Ceremonial Swirl Ye Olde Shaving Knife

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Even in Medieval days noblemen wanted to be smooth and clean for feasts and banquets, razors such as our Ceremonial Swirl Ye Olde Shaving Knife are were just the ticket back then.   Shaving predates history but it was the early Egyptian men and women who really established shaving and hair removal as a regular part of daily grooming.  Men scraped their hair away in early times man with crude items such as stone, flint, clam shells and other sharpened materials. He later experimented with bronze, copper and iron razors.  Our razor is hand forged out of iron with an antiqued black and polished finish.  These beautiful little guys are best served as part of a replica display or possibly honed to your personal sharpness and used at SCA or Renaissance festivals.

Total Length: 6 Inches
Width at Widest Point: 2 Inches
Blade Length: 3 Inches
Material: Hand Forged Iron