Closeout Catalina Seaside Salad Tongs

Catalina Seaside Salad Tongs

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These Catalina Seaside Salad Tongs are hand carved from all natural horn.  Intricate detailing depicts scales that climb up the handles to display an adorable little fish on the end of each serving tong.  These will be a great housewarming gift for someone who loves unique cutlery, or has their kitchen décor in a beach décor.  Dont forget to take them out to the condo, lake house or your summer home!   Carved horn items were popular in the Victorian era, so if you or a friend loves to do costume events for SCA, LARP or Steampunk groups, then these wouldn't go amiss!  

Length: 11 Inches
Width: 4 Inches
Material: All Natural Cow Horn

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