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Brass Land Ho Pirate Spyglass Telescope

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Pirates often used a spyglass to spot land or an incoming ship in the distance.  They generally would carry them on their side.  This Spyglass measures 17.13 inches fully extended and 2.13 inches wide. This piece is made to collapse and make small as possible to store away.  It comes complete with a leather lens cap and end cap.  A leather strap is provided with a brass buckle to wear slung over a shoulder. Each section is hand tooled with telescoping brass tubes. Two of these sections are wrapped and hand stitched with black leather. Pull out all the way and focus by adjusting the smallest eye-section. This is a realistic looking replica and great for any historic nautical or pirate decoration or theatrical need. Feel like a sea captain scanning the horizon from a heaving aft-deck.

Overall Length: 17.13 Inches
Overall Width: 2.13 Inches
Material: Brass and Leather
Leather Caps and Strap
6 Sections