Listing the Most Badass Martial Arts Weapons

Listing the Most Badass Martial Arts Weapons

Posted by Kaswords on 29th Jul 2019

Weapons are widely used in martial arts from the traditional katana sword of the elite samurai to metal whips and claws. Martial arts weapons vary by culture, time-period, and style of fighting, yet they all are badass. Making everything from nunchucks to giant hammers and priceless swords, the ancient weapon-makers of Asia had a reputation for creativeness and style that is unmatched anywhere in the world. They aren’t just elegant, they are deadly.


Definitely, we would love to start with the traditional samurai swords. Many people in the west when think of martial arts, they often talk about ninjas. The wakizashi is relatively smaller and better for close quarters, though it is as deadly as the longer battlefield ready katana. The long and curved katana was the mainstay of the Samurai. You can use it both as an offensive and defensive weapon. History recognizes them as the popular mainstay of the Samurai.


Most of us can’t forget to mention nunchaku, especially when thinking of traditional Japanese martial arts weapons. It is strongly believed that they were initially rice flakes used in Okinawa. They were used as weapons by farmers to protect their land. Though this might not be completely accurate and the history may not be as exciting, you never know! No matter what, nunchaku are undoubtedly the coolest weapons out there and the most versatile ones as well.

Tiger Claws

These are the four-prolonged iron claws primarily worn by ninjas when they were in need of something that can be used for climbing and disarming or annihilating enemies. Initially, the design was originated in India but later Japanese warriors also embraced them thus started using these claws for offensive, defensive and utility purposes. Will you ever mess with a guy wearing hand claws? You will surely not.


You can technically call shiruken as throwing weapon especially when we think of ninja stars. They are the easiest throwing weapons to learn and primarily meant for distraction. No exaggeration but they can truly determine the fate of fight from the very beginning. Master these and you can clearly get an edge in a fight before it begins. You can even find Shirukens that are not flat discs, rather darts covered in poison or bacteria.

Chain Whip

The chain whip is among the Kung fu’s deadliest weapons and its popularity is pretty evident. Once you master this, you can become the force to be reckoned with. Though you need to be very careful as this weapon is extremely challenging to learn and you might get frustrated quite a times. Yet, if you have the patience to learn, you will look cool while kicking the crap out of your opponent.


Tonfa is a great and practical weapon particularly when you are out on the streets. They were predominantly found in the Asian culture. Tonfa features a set of clubs with an excellent grip. Even you will find many police nightsticks doing the same thing. It makes enough sense to consider how effective this weapon is. You can perform several strikes using Tonfa. They are used for striking, blocking bows and thrusting your enemy without any lethal force. Isn’t that awesome?

Yawara or kubotan

Believe it or not, it’s just a short stick measuring about 6 inches that can be used to poke, lock, throw, choke and break bones. You can really ruin someone’s day with this Sharpie. This little thing is definitely the versatile martial arts weapon.


This coolest weapon was once used by Kohaku or Inuyasha. It’s mainly a kama with a weighted chain attached to it. This little addition makes for a completely different experience. It opens up an entire world for you to do some great stuff.

Tiger hook swords

Now check out these well-designed bits of awesomeness. The hook swords are known as the kung fu weapon. They might not look like the kinds of things you can really do much with. The centuries of development have given us this practical stuff. These were used by a popular Jet in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Since he was an animated character, it looked awesome.


They are commonly viewed as Chinese martial arts weapons. You will find many weapons similar to the Guandao, the only difference is the different name. The Japanese brought the naginata and the west gave us the glaive, though at the end of the day all of them are the same thing. They were used for chopping off horse legs. This deadly weapon has left soldiers sullying their armor. Crazy though! well, this is the last one.


Japanese martial arts weapons particularly embraced multiple uses. A chain weapon can be used for climbing or felony and Samurai had various kinds of swords for different uses from attacking to intimidating. Here we have the listed some of the most badass martial arts weapons. We would like to know your opinion on this, please write to us in the comment section below. 

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