Everything You Need to Know to Get Started with Crossbow Archery

Everything You Need to Know to Get Started with Crossbow Archery

Posted by KaSwords on 30th Jul 2019

Crossbows are a popular choice both for beginner and experienced bow hunters. With short learning curve and excellent accuracy, this is surely a fanatic way to have some fun with archery. If you are interested in getting into archery and particularly the crossbow archery, walk through this guide to familiarize yourself with the product completely. Read on and enjoy!

They are Short-Range Tools

Crossbows are short-range hunting tools. They offer the maximum range of 40 yards whereas 25-30 yards are considered optimum. In comparison to heftier and longer arrows, crossbows are lightweight and offer short power stroke. They lose energy fast after leaving the bar which might not be suitable for a very long-distance range.

You Must Unlock It

Many hunters often leave their crossbow locked for days or weeks. Though you need to keep in mind that crossbow locked for longer durations can affect the trigger mechanism and shorten their life. The best thing you can do is to fire the bow by the end of every day’s hunt. But also consider your state regulations about loaded crossbows. You need to know when crossbows should be unlocked considering the legal reasons.

Maintenance is a Must

Consistent maintenance plays a very important role in the overall effectiveness, accuracy, and life of a crossbow. You can look at the owner’s manual that comes along the crossbow. Though under normal circumstances, it is recommended to replace cables and strings after every three years or maybe soon if required. Strings and cable stretch such as steel cables can result in low draw weight thus affecting the arrow quickness, range, direction, and energy. Banisters should be lubed with superior lube as per the manufacturer’s suggestion. Also, it’s a great idea to wax strings and it will ensure long string life. Quality strings are capable of lasting 150 shots but lubing and waxing are important considerations. Remember crossbows require adjusting or tuning from time to time.

They Can Withstand the Weathers

You can even use crossbows in the roasted heat of the Deep South. But it’s not a good idea to leave your crossbows for extended periods in direct sun as excessive heat can dry strings relatively quickly and eventually shortening their life. In normal hunting conditions, well-maintained crossbows can definitely get the job done in both warm and cold weathers.

Arrow Selection is Crucial

Crossbow arrow selection may seem complicated at certain times but the easy way out is to use arrows recommended by the manufacturer. The arrows suggested by the manufactures are of various lengths, diameter, and weight to ensure optimum effectiveness and accuracy.

Safety is Important

Never miss out reading the owner’s manual and contact the manufacturer in case of any query. Crossbow is unique and therefore special safety considerations must be applied. For instance, do not carry the crossbow in the locked and loaded position. Also, keep your fingers and thumbs below the shooting rail while shooting. If you don’t, you will possibly hurt your fingers. Prior to the shooting, do check the bow for impaired or loose parts and never fire a crossbow without an arrow. While you are practicing, make sure the onlookers are positioned behind the shoot. When hunting from ground blinds, sufficient room should be available for the bow limbs to expand.

Cock Crossbows Properly

Most crossbow precision issues are primarily caused by the improper cocked bow. This is particularly true with new bows or if you are shooting for the first time. To achieve exact and steady arrow flight, make sure to draw the string and lock into position with an equal length of serving on every side of the rail. It’s interesting to know that cocking ropes properly can reduce the draw weight by 50%. 

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