7 Modern Ways to use your Medieval Leather journal

7 Modern Ways to use your Medieval Leather journal

Posted by KaSwords on 22nd Mar 2023

Life comes with a lot of obsessions and journaling can be one of them. Some people are naturally great writers and can compose page after page almost effortlessly. Others are modern day Picasso who can sketch coruscating pieces of art on a whim. Then there are some who still don't know what to do with their most prized medieval leather journals, we have some great ideas that you may enjoy the next time you stare at a blank page.

Personal Reflection

The best project a person can work on is himself and keeping a journal is a cathartic release. Writing these little snippets of your thoughts and feelings is a great way to create your own personal space away from your hectic and demanding routine. Keeping a journal can boost creativity, strengthen self-discipline and also improve the overall mental health.

Bullet Journal

A journal can assist you in your work. Whether they are pointers from a meeting, a random word an aspiring writer wants to use in his story or a photograph in a magazine that a design student wants to take inspiration from for her thesis; there are endless possibilities for creating a personalized bullet journal. It is a great way to stay organized, meet goals, arrange to-do lists and your schedule.

Taking Notes for School

Each semester at school is very demanding, hence, it will be highly beneficial for a student to have the right gear. The right journal can help you keep up with the coursework for the entire semester and lead you towards a 4.0 Gpa. If you need something versatile to take notes on, browse the collection of leather journals to help achieve your dreams.

Art Work

It is said that ‘art is the expression of the soul’. If you are unable to describe something with words, you can always draw it out. An art journal is like a canvas for your paintings, scribbles, designs and sketches. You can even get creative and include tangible materials such as glitter, stickers, art and crafts paper to customize your journal according to your preference.

Capturing the Moment

There is nothing that signifies timeless more accurately than a photo album. You can use your journal to archive your precious moments in life, track your ancestors and archive their history, and memories you adore.

For Your Wedding

The Wedding day is perhaps one of the most important days in the life of a couple. You can use it to capture the joy of heartfelt wedding celebrations; by using it to keep track of your wedding preparations or even collect entries from your guest.

Travel Journal

If you are a travel enthusiast always looking for a new adventure, it’s an amazing way to jot down your experiences in different countries with people belonging to diverse cultures. You can also paste your airplane tickets, receipts, maps and postcards from your journey as a centralized memento.

Above we have scratched the surface with some prospective uses for your leather journal. These are the ways you can take a break from the norms and use them innovatively. How will you use yours? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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