Bit of Shine Unisex Twisted Medieval Arm Ring

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Though they are more known for their expertise on the battle field, Vikings had a very rich culture and were experts at jewelry making. Bracelets in the shape of arm rings were very popular during the Viking era. Designs for these bracelets ranged from simple to extremely intricate, featuring gorgeous patterns and excellent craftmanship. Even the poorest Viking could stand out with a well forged bracelet, and now you can too with these gorgeous one of a kind arm rings made from iron in a twist design.

Each piece of the Bit of Shine Unisex Twisted Arm Ring has been meticulously forged by hand from a single solid slab of wrought iron and are expertly heat treated to produce a rust-resistant antiqued black finish. These pieces are non-bendable, and slip onto your wrist like a normal bangle bracelet. The simple yet elegant design can easily be paired with any outfit for a gorgeous accent that is sure to stand out. Diameter: 3 inches. Weight: 0.32 lbs.

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