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Battle Ready Double Handed Full Tang Greatsword

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This impressive weapon is constructed from EN45 carbon steel with a 4.45 mm thickness and is battle ready.  The blade is a whopping 43 inches in length with the point of balance being 3.50 inches from the steel guard. The quillions are slightly turned downward in a simple design. A fuller runs almost three quarters down the blade.  It was forged in a spring style so that damaging blows will move fluid with the wielder as to not bend or crack the blade. The front and back feature double sided rings which are used to protect the hand and lower forearm. The double handed hilt is constructed of wood that has been leather wrapped and hand sewn. The KulenVakuf style pommel is made from steel and peened.  This full tang replica Greatsword style comes from the Renaissance Era.. Overall Length:  58 Inches.