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Battle Ready Afro's Taich Samurai Katana Handmade

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“Nothing personal. It’s just revenge.”

Now you can wield the one and only katana carried by the superbly skilled swordsman Afro in the riveting anime series. This Battle-Ready replica sword has been masterfully handcrafted from only the finest materials. The blade is hand forged from 1060 high carbon steel with a razor-sharp edge capable of cutting down even the toughest opponents. The blade runs full tang into the handle made from real ray skin and wrapped with cotton in a traditional Japanese style, so you will have no worry earning your headbands and making your way to the top. The square-shaped hand guard is made to look battle worn from years of carrying out revenge. Attached to the handle is a ring that is adorned with a jewel just as the anime. This sword features an extremely curved design for an overall unique look that can only be seen in the anime. Included with this handmade sword is a wooden scabbard complete with a lacquer finish for a sleek shine. Overall length 43 inches, Blade length 30 inches