BA Knives Lone Wolf Decorative Box

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This handsome box comes with the BA logo on top with a glossy black finish.  It is made from polypropylene so there is no fear of it getting damaged if wet.  Open the lid and inside is polyurethane foam that is fitted for the knives mentioned in the list below. The dimensions for the fitted section are 5.50 x 1.13 x .50 this includes the length of the glass breaker.  The polypropylene clasp keeps the contents locked up tight. The end if this box has a loop for tying your blade to a pack while camping or hiking. Overall Length: 7.25 Inches.

Please Note: Knife is not included.

Models Fitted for this box below.

1. 7B2-6PA21-55BKRD- Tactical Automatic Gold Standard Knife
2. 6PA21-55CA- Delta Force Tarantula Auto OTF Knife Digital Camo
3. 7C1-6PA21-55D- Ultimate Diamondback Fast Action OTF Knife
4. 7C1-6PA21-55B- American Tanto Bounty Hunter Dual Auto OTF
5. 7C1-6PA21-55E- Automatic Dual Action Ghost Army Tactical Knife
6. 7C1-6PA21-55C- OTF Head Hunter Dual Action Auto Knife
7. 7C1-6PA21-55A- OTF Hell on Wheels Automatic Dual Action Knife
8. 7C1-6PA21-55F- Dual Action Huntmens Elite Tactical OTF Knife
9. 7B3-PA2171- Automatic Cold Front Tactical Pocket Knife
10. 7B3-PA2173- Tactical Dust Devil OTF Automatic Knife

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