Autumnal Chill Hunting Skinning Knife w/ Cutting Edge on Pommel

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Hunting knives are excellent tools that have both specific and universal applications. The Autumnal Chill Hunting Skinning Knife is no exception to this. This knife has one sharp edge on the 440c stainless steel blade and one 1.63-inch sharp edge on the pommel to assist with skinning. The blade of the skinning knife itself is 6.5 inches long and curved which makes it perfect for medium to large game; the blade is 440c stainless steel as well which means that it can be used in any conditions since it resists corrosion. The circular cutout in the base of the blade provides extra grip so that movements with the blade can be even more agile in working with game. This hunting skinner has the potential to be your primary field knife due to its length, strong and reliable composition, and maneuverability. The Autumnal Chill Hunting Knife is only 10.1 ounces which is well under a pound so carrying it will be easy, especially with the genuine leather sheath the knife comes with that is equipped with a belt loop. The red and orange in the handle will assist with hunting during deer season by camouflaging itself in the foliage. Overall Length: 12.25 Inches. Weight: 0.86 lbs.

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