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Automatic OTF Deadly Vow Pocket Knife

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Given its rugged features the Automatic OTF Deadly Vow makes a great pocket knife.  The stylish textured aluminum handle creates a firm hold in all weather conditions.  A belt/pocket clip is provided to carry your knife with you at all times. In other words, Dont leave home without it. The blade comes in a two tone design and is constructed from stainless steel. A spear point style blade is best for slicing and piercing but with a smooth fast deployment it just makes it awesome. All you need to do is slide the trigger forward to deploy and backwards to retract.  No fuss at all. And if the situation arises this knife comes standard with a glass breaker just in case because you never really know what may happen. Overall Length: 8.50 Inches, Blade Length:  3.25 Inches