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Ancient Traditions Medieval Viking Bearded Battle Axe | Feather |

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This particular Viking axe is known as a bearded axe because of its elongated lower edge and curved blade, which enabled downward blows. In battle, Vikings threw axes as though they were missiles, and used the lower portion of the axe blade to hook necks and ankles. This replica of a traditional Viking battle axe is made from only the finest materials. The axe head is forged from high-quality carbon steel with a gleaming polished finish. Engraved on both sides of the axe head is a beautiful and elegant motif, similar to decorations that have been found adorned on authentic Viking axes. The handle is made from durable sheesham heartwood that has been sanded and contoured for a smooth touch and better grip. Engraved on either side of the handle is a beautiful design. Overall Length: 21.2 inches, Axe Head Length: 6.25, Blade Length: 5.25 inches