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Ammo Knuckle Ground Oppressor Bullet Knife

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Its tough out there in this cruel cold world.  Sometimes you dont wanna even get out of bed.  The first step in sit up and put your feet on the floor.  Then muster up all that determination to get up and fight through another day.  Grab on to that anger because sometimes that is all you have.   I said GET UP!  Now get dressed and grab your Ammo Knuckle Ground Oppressor Bullet Knife on the way out the door because you will most likely need it today.  That bookie aint  gonna collect them debts himself, that what he has you for.  The construction of this piece is durable zinc aluminum with a rifle cartridge design.  At the top of each of the finger holes you will notice a bullet as well as the palm brace and the knuckle attachments. Hidden inside the cartage is a drop point stainless steel blade. Included is a pin to use it as a novelty belt buckle to disguise your intentions.   

Overall Length: 4.30 Inches
Overall Width: 2.50 Inches
Blade Length: 1.68 Inch
Blade Material: Stainless Steel, Black Anodized Finish
Knuckle Material: Zinc Aluminum

Large Finger Holes
Finger Holes: 26.40mm x 23.74mm
Bullet Indentations
Buckle Pin