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All Natural Horn Costume Frock Toggle Set

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Together with thongs, horn toggles are a form of a button that was used predominantly on medieval shoes. During that period you could also find toggles on frocks, fur wraps, and bags.  Duffel coats are often held together by toggles and are made from a coarse, thick, woolen material. These toggles are all natural with 2 holes featured on each.  They have been buffed and hand polished.  This set of 5 makes remarkable closures. There are so many ways to use these toggles such as a handmade diary closure and costumes.  The sky is the limit so get your toggles today.

Overall Length: 2 Inch
Overall Width: .62 Inch
Material: Horn
Species: Bovine

Finished: Polished
Style: Two Hole
Color: Natural
5 Piece Set