Abiding Sun Freemason Symbol Lighter

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The same sun above us now was there thousands of years ago. It nurtures, supports, and illuminates our growth. Reliably punctual and warm, it guides us throughout our entire lives. Those who experience the kindness and hospitality of freemasons would say similar words. Freemasons are a collection of men sworn to service to their communities and seek to better them, themselves, as well as their brothers. They are well known for raising funds and engaging in community service to selflessly help the people around them. Reliable like the sun. It will always be there. The Abiding Sun Freemason Symbol Lighter gives off a more literal warmth, a handheld sun that will shine a path to guide you further.

The Abiding Sun Freemason Symbol Lighter is a silver lighter designed with a radiance textured background with the freemason symbol sitting over it clearly. There is a beautiful blue rhinestone in the center of it to symbolize the Blue Lodge, for beginnings. Lighters are a lesser-known necessity. They can light kindling, illuminate spaces, and keep you warm. Lighters have hundreds of uses besides survival uses such as lighting stoves or even fireworks. Either way, they are nice to have around. So why not have a lighter that reminds you how much you are needed and how much good you have done? The Abiding Sun Freemason Symbol Lighter is the perfect gift for any freemason you know to show them how grateful you are that they illuminated your life. Overall Length: 2.38 Inches. Weight: 0.1 lbs.

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