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14th Century Medieval Functional Historical Replica Solid Steel Heater Shield

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This 14th century heater shield was used mainly by calvary. The medium sized shield was not as long or heavy as the Kite shield, which made it perfect for the soldiers on horseback. It was very common for this shield to have coats of arms or heraldry emblazed on the face of them, to show who the holder was or who they fought for. This blank steel shield is made from solid 18-gauge steel with a silver finish so you can design and create your unique coat of arms (may need to use a primer before painting). Fight under your own colors and win the hand of a fair maiden or be the maiden fighting for your own hand. The outer edge has a raised decorative border with steel rivets intermittently spaced around the entire shield. The back of this shield comes equipped with 2 straps for displaying on your wall, both made from genuine cowhide leather, as well as an adjustable leather arm strap and handle for a firm grip. Storm the castle on your trusty stead or act in a play. We got you covered with this lovely shield. Overall Length: 24 inches, Overall Width: 17 inches