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12th Century Beech Wood Replica Knightly Practice Sword

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If you wish to wield a sword, you must first learn how to use one. A wooden practice sword is the best way to do just that. This practice sword is based off of a 12th century Knightly sword, and is made entirely from steamed beech wood. Steamed beech wood is a species of beech hardwood found in Central Europe that is normally used for furniture and flooring, making this the perfect material for a practice sword. This 32-inch sword features a crescent-shaped cross guard and ovular pommel. Great for play fighting, LARP, costume, cosplay, theatre and many more!

Material: Steamed Beech Wood
Inspired by 12th Century Knightly Sword
Ovular Pommel
Crescent-Shaped Cross Guard
Perfect for LARP, Costume, Cosplay, Theatre, Etc.
Overall Length: 31.75 inches
Blade Length: 23.5 inches
Handle Length (Guard and Pommel Included): 8.25 inches
Guard Length: 6.5 inches