Uzui Tengen Collectible Carbon Steel Replica Hashira Demon Slayer Anime Twin Nichirin Cleaver Swords

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These replica Nichirin Cleavers are made to look just like the swords owned by Tengen Uzui, who is a very powerful Hashira that specializes in the Sound Breathing technique in the series. This flashy character needs weapons that are just as flashy. Handcrafted from high quality carbon steel, The blades are a full 33-inches in length and sports a sleek black finish accented with a straight white and wavy amber hamon pattern just like the sword in the anime. Notches are cut into the blade edge, and the swords connect at the hilt using an 80-inch black chain. This gives the character the ability to effortlessly swing the blades around like nunchucks. The wooden handles are covered with green faux rayskin and wrapped with deep red rayon in a traditional Japanese style. Included with these beautiful collectible swords is a PU leather back sheath that connects the swords across each other with hook and latch and has adjustable straps so you can comfortably carry your swords into battle. Overall Length: 33 Inches, Blade Length: 20.5 Inches, Blade Construction: Carbon Steel

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