Picture Perfect Compact Dual Action Automatic Out The Front Pocket Knife

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The Picture Perfect Automatic OTF is an out the front knife that gives the appearance of a stylish accessory while also being useful in tight situations. The polished stainless-steel blade is made into a wicked reverse-tanto style with 4 cutouts along the fuller for reduced weight and tension. The handle casing is made from a durable zinc aluminum alloy and comes with a textured diamond grip design, coated with a gorgeous gold finish. This feature is perfect for better grip, especially in wet conditions. This dual-action automatic knife also comes equipped with a shiny silver pocket clip and glass breaker in case of emergencies. This automatic out the front knife is great because it is dual-action, meaning you can eject and retract your blade with only the push of a button. Just like all OTF Knives, when not in use the blade is retracted fully inside the handle. When deployed, the blade springs out of the tip of the handle in the blink of an eye. Included with your knife is a nylon sheath with snap closure and belt loop so you can conveniently carry it anywhere. Overall Length: 7 Inches, Blade Length: 2.75 Inches



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