Movie Replica Elven Made Polished Steel Sting Sword Dagger

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This sword acquired the name “Sting” when Bilbo Baggins fought the giant talking spiders in Mirkwood, when they referred to the blade as such. The sword was forged from elves, and though its original intention was to be a dagger, it serves more as a sword for Bilbo due to his small stature. Sadly, this replica Sting does not glow blue when Orks are near, but it is still pretty badass. The blade is made from a polished stainless steel, with engravings on the blade and steel cross-guard of letters in Sindarin that read phonetically, “Maegnas aen estar nin dagnir in yngyl im.” Translated into English, they read, "Maegnas is my name, I am the spider's bane." The handle features elegant silver vine-like hand painted details, and is topped with a steel pommel. Included is a gorgeous genuine leather sheath that features the same detail as the blade. Overall Length: 22 inches, Blade Length: 15 inches

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